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Commercial debt is a debt owed by one business to another. As a credit grantor, it is very important to manage your credit policy wisely. Changes in the economy can have a dramatic affect on your cash flow. CCS provides the commercial credit grantor with valuable resources that identify bad debt at an early stage while minimizing potential losses. Programs are offered at a fraction of what it would cost to collect in-house.

CCS has years of experience in business and contract law and how to enforce creditor’s rights. Our collectors are trained in resolving the most difficult situations. Knowing who you are extending credit to and how to properly pursue the debt is the key to effective recovery. CCS has access to critical data bases that can identify business ownership, and the current credit status of your client.

Should your accounts need legal enforcement, CCS has a nationwide attorney network providing you legal representation in every state. CCS is capable of handling legal matters from initial document preparation through satisfaction of judgment. This includes the filing of liens, attachments and other types of enforcements of judgment.

CCS also has an international network that allows them to pursue accounts anywhere in the world.


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