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Healthcare collections is very complex. It is very different from any other industry in that it has numerous payers with multiple contracts. Therefore, reimbursement becomes very challenging to collect. To further complicate matters, employers are constantly changing healthcare plans and shifting more responsibility to the patient. Consequently it becomes more important than ever for registration to capture complete and accurate information in order to receive prompt reimbursement.

"I’ve had great success working with Credit Consulting Services. CCS is a pleasure to work with, and we’ve received excellent results.”

Laura S. | Billing Manager, Large Dental Group

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Tools and Experience

CCS has all the tools and experience necessary to help hospitals, clinics, physician groups, dental practices, and other healthcare specialist with their accounts receivable. Depending upon the needs, CCS is able to design cash flow programs that optimize cash and minimize cost from credit training to debt collection agency services.

CCS healthcare representatives act as an extension of your business office, enabling your staff to focus on its core competencies.

"Rodney and the staff at Credit Consulting Services, Inc. are wonderful to work with. Anytime we need help or have questions on current accounts or potential accounts we can ask and know that they will get the answer for us."

Barbara F. | Administrative Assistant, Surgery Center

Satisfying the Debt while Keeping Your Patient Relationship Intact

Professional healthcare collectors are trained to understand each individual's particular situation and focus on providing solutions that will help the patient satisfy the debt in a timely manner. Some situations may include obtaining updated insurance information, so the claim can be resubmitted for reimbursement. Whatever the situation, these representatives will find a solution that will create goodwill between the provider and the patient.

"As a Medical Billing Service we have dealt with Credit Consulting Services for over 25 years. We have been extremely satisfied with the personal service we have received and have never received a complaint about how they handle our patients in this difficult situation of collecting money."

Shelley H. | Billing Service

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Services include:

  • Early-out/Self-pay billing
  • Payment Plan Monitoring
  • A/R Clean-up
  • Worker Comp
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Probate Claims
  • Insurance Follow-up
  • Bad Debt Collections Agency Services
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